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I’ve created a new blog for my more developed and personal writings. My reasoning for the creation of yet another blog is as such:

1) To have a blog to that remains solely about my non-personal life so that should one want to search out my writings, they can learn about my views, while I still can keep my more personal interactions and thoughts on those media unattached to my name. This need arose due to an interview where I was asked about my writing, and I realized I could not provide a link to it because the blog I was using had a lot of personal and non-professional content attached to it.

2) To have a writing outlet that I had more control over. My last professional blog, while allowing me to compete and test my style against other writers, required each entry to conform to pre-approved topics.

3) To have a blog that allowed for the use of modern networking tools, like RSS. I’ve often been surprised to find that people actually read my stuff and like what they read. So, choosing a blog that will allow me to incorporate those tools will allow people to keep up to date on my very sporadic writing.

So without Further Ado, I am opening

I have some writing ideas in the works, and I do plan to periodically import past writings from other blogs (have a particular essay of mine you’d like to see updated and reposted? feel free to suggest it in the comments to this).

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