An Open Letter to the NYPD

The following letter has been e-mailed to the NYC Police commissioner, but please send it around to see if we can get it to as many people as possible. Or better yet, write and send your own.

Dear Respected Officers of the NYPD,

Tomorrow, on Friday, October 14, 2011 at  7 am, you will be asked to remove the Occupy Wall Street Protesters from Zuccotti Park. I know my history, and this terrifies me.

Tomorrow, you will have a choice. You are being asked to clear the park to have it cleaned. People will not want to leave. You can collaborate with the protesters to have the park cleaned, and you’ll probably end up with free labor from the protesters. Or, you can meet resistance with resistance. I know my history, and  what happened to the Freedom Riders, the Kent states Students, etc. I would ask you to remember your history as well, and  the many protests that have ended in violence, who held the clubs, and who history vindicated. I would invite you to take off your badges, wander through the park, and talk to those there see them as  people, and then choose.

Collaborative solutions don’t get a lot of attention, and they don’t make people famous. But if tomorrow makes headlines and goes down in history, it won’t be for a good reason.


Zachary Maichuk

Update: Bloomberg backed down. the protesters are safe and still fighting the good fight.

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