Anti-fundamentalist Ammunition

You know those guys who stand at public venues with the signs and flyers that say “God hates X”?

They piss off too many of my friends.

so here is a counter flyer:
religious flyer

It is not intended to preach to or convert non-Christians, but to call out people on bad behavior.  It is a 2 sided trifold flyer that basically tells people that  they are reading their bibles wring if they think they are allowed to push their religious views on others. Feel free to download and distribute.

When you see one of those loudmouthed hypocrites on the street, walk over politely, tell them you have some biblical literature for them to read, hand them the flyer and walk away. (Then watch them read it from a distance so you can see them either repent or meltdown).

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2 thoughts on “Anti-fundamentalist Ammunition

  1. Thanks this is really great. I will probably have a bunch of these printed up and start leaving them around.

    • I’m glad you like it. If you have an opportunity to hand them to Westboro, make sure to snap a picture of their reactions and send it to me. 🙂

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