The Key Issue of the Election: The Immorality of Creating Second Class Citizens

This is the Crux of the election for me. One candidate is standing for equal rights for all, and the other believes that One type of American is inherently better than another and deserves more rights than the others.
This isn’t about specifically being gay, or a woman, or a Native American, or being a member of any other group that will be treated as a second class citizen if Romney gets elected. I am not part of any subgroup set to be disenfranchised, and yet the thought of the rights that are being denied, and those rights that will be denied under a Romney administration creates such a visceral reaction that I cannot do anything but protest. This is about being an American, and being Human, and recognizing that no one should have the right to take that away from our American brothers and sisters. To believe otherwise, to believe that you can deny the rights and liberties of your fellow citizens, is to betray our nation and those fighting and dying (many of whom are and have been members of these groups who have or will have their rights denied) for America.
It is about our Conscience, and our Soul as a nation. You can quote economic plans all you want (oh wait, you can’t with Romney because he gives promises without details), but if you do so, you are putting money in front of human rights and dignity. It is abhorrent to put our Humanity up for sale like that.

So that is the main election issue. One vote is for The right to be American, and the other is the right to deny your fellow Americans of their Human rights.

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