homosexuality in the bible

Iris really hit the nail on the head…

iris enchanted

Yesterday, a lesbian friend told me “The bible clearly states in black and white that homosexuality is a sin. Period.” …..So i asked her where it says that.

Before becoming iris, i studied Theology at a Catholic college, i was briefly on track to become a nun, i dissected the Bible using it’s original languages of Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic, and again with it’s translation to French (which was later translated to English). While people are free to believe whatever they want, it is NOT clearly stated in the Bible that homosexuality is a sin. Maybe it is a sin, maybe it’s not (i don’t think so but hey, that’s my opinion). But why do people think it is so clearly a sin? Because of translation issues & poor interpretation, mostly.

These are the verses she and her friends gave me to support how cut and dry their argument was…

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