An Open Letter to the Democratic Party

Dear Democratic Party,

In the next couple of months, you have a very important choice to make as to who you will let run for President. However, there is an aspect to this conversation that you might be missing.

Hillary Clinton appears to be the candidate that best represents the Democratic establishment. She has worked hard for that position, serving various important roles in the party and in the government, and she has learned the ways of the party elite. So it makes a lot of sense that she would have the support she does within the party.

However, I would like to offer that Bernie Sanders best represents the larger America.

Now, I know this claim may seem like the idealistic rhetoric that every supporter says about their candidate. There is, however, some support for this notion with Bernie. You see, over the past decade, I have chosen to make sure I stray from the echo chambers on the internet, and have actually invited debate on my pages among people of various political orientations. As long as they follow basic rules of civil debate, they are allowed to voice their opinions, and people have been allowed to debate those voiced opinions. These debates have gotten heated, and sometimes moderation was necessary as strongly polarized views came into conflict. But the result has been a fair representation of the views of several political orientations, not just the views I like.

So you can imagine my surprise when people who have formerly argued a lot over political ideas all started voicing support for Bernie Sanders. And these aren’t the Dank Meme stash Berners that have populated the net, these are people who have been politically active, research their stances, and are willing to put them to the test in the rigors of reasoned debate. The result, be they Republican, Democrat, Liberal, or Conservative, has been the decision that Bernie Sanders is the best candidate in play. One such combatant in my rhetorical Thunderdome posted this note a few months back. When you follow the link, please take a look at the share count, it wasn’t as viral as an image from a Dank Meme Stash, but close to 2k shares is respectable for a post you have to read and think about.

What this means it that Bernie Sanders has the best cross party appeal, and this is important. We live in a world that has reduced politics to a simplistic marketing game. People are asked to pick at team and hope their team wins the voting competition. This reduces the American political system to the point where it is on par with the Team Edward/Team Jacob advertisements of the Twilight movie series, and has overall degraded the American political discussion. What Senator Sanders has offered in his positions has elevated the discourse back to where it needs to be. Lines that have been drawn for years are now being ignored and people who have gotten used to shouting at each other are now sitting down with each other. So when I say that Bernie Sanders best represents American views, that is what I am referring to.

So we have a few months to go and a lot of discussion among the Super Delegates. In all the talks and dealings, I would ask that you keep this letter in mind, because the question you need to ask yourselves will be crucial for the soul of the party as well as the soul of the country as a whole. Will you focus your support on the candidate that represents the party interests, or will you support the candidate that attracts people regardless of party affiliation? Will you reward the candidate who has worked to speak for the party, or will you allow the person who speaks for the larger America to represent us?

In my opinion, even though it is understandable that you would want to support Hillary given all her work and effort for the party, it is the better choice to nominate Bernie Sanders as doing so would be the choice that better represents what the American political system was meant to be.

Please consider this in the final negotiations for nomination. We have an opportunity to nominate someone speaks for more than just one party. We have the opportunity to nominate someone the nation as a whole will rally around. Let’s take this opportunity seriously, because should we let it pass, it would represent a dire loss of our great nation.


Dr. Zachary Maichuk



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