Bernie Supporters, We Must Grow Up

Did I just piss you off by inferring you are acting like a petulant child?

Well, good.

You see, when you are pissed, you are motivated, and right now we need to stay active and stay moving.

The mistake that we are currently being pushed to make it that of focusing on who is going to be President now that Bernie is no longer in the race. Every one is asking who are you going to go after? Will you suck it up and vote Hillary? Will you vote Trump out of spite? Will you try to drink from the Stein? Are you toying with the Johnson?

The truth is, these are the wrong questions. This is the wrong conversation right now.

We are making a very childish mistake if we are looking for one person to be our end all and be all hope. To think that if we just elect the right president the world will be glorious is naive and misguided. It is hope nested in the desire to have a nurturing parent figure take care of us again. It is a hope for a mother or father who will scoop us up at the playground and kiss our boo-boos better. We are asking for someone else to fix things for us. Those are the wishes of children, and we need to plan like adults.

Bernie Sanders did not rise overnight. Despite the fact that he is a socialist Jew with carpentry skills, he is not a Messiah who was sent to deliver us. He has been fighting his cause for years with little visibility. What moved him to the front was not that he decided the stars were right to step forward, what moved him in front was our voice and spirit. In 2011, we decided on our own to stand up and push for income equality, holding banks responsible, removing money from politics, etc. Bernie did not call us together, we came together on our own. Bernie was able to step forward because his voice and our voice sang in harmony. He was ready to step up, but we pushed him to the front. If we make this all about one man and one office, we blind ourselves to what really happened.

We have more fight and spirit than anyone else out there. Hillary worked for this for over a decade, and we still rivaled her. The Tea Party was artificially built up and inflated by the same media that tried to play us down, and yet we are bigger than them. But the reason why Hillary won and why the Tea Party has more politicians in power is because they played long game, they didn’t throw it all behind a single make or break person to do it all for them. They took charge and crept into power, they didn’t did just demand it all in one grand gesture. This is how the adults play the game. This is why they win. If we focused that energy they way they did, we would be unstoppable.

So we need to grow up and do the same.

Instead of relying on some governmental parent to feed us and change our diapers, we need to become the parents. We had a message we put behind one leader in one race. Now we need to become our own leaders and now we need to focus on every race. Start local chapters, run for city council, run for mayor, run for local and state legislature. This will not be an instant victory, but it is how people really take back the country. Become more than just one man. Grow larger than just one election. Become the legion of a million men and women that fills every seat from your town to the nation. Only then can we make the changes we cry out for.

Vote for who ever the hell you want for President. We are putting too much emphasis in that one office. If you look at how the government actually runs, you will see that the President is not the end all be all of power.

No seriously, look at it over the past decade and you’ll see how congress has been able to nullify the powers of the president whether he be wise or a fool. That isn’t going to change just because we elect the right person to that seat.

The truth is, if we had elected Bernie, it would have only been a symbolic victory, and had we stopped with only his election, it would have been a hallow one as well, as congress would have obstructed the policies that would have improved this nation out of pure spite. If we really want the revolution, we need to really push for change. Rather than rely on a single man, each of us needs to step forward and push it through. Every time you try to tell someone else how they should be voting, you are fracturing the movement that needs to focus on more, which is exactly what they want you to do. Every time you bicker over Hillary, or Donald, or Jill, or Gary, you distract from all the other seats we need to focus on taking, making sure they can still hold the real power. If we turn on ourselves, if we eat ourselves alive, we will disappear into nothing. If we move forward and mature in our tactics, we will become the movement they fear.

So let’s do this. We can grow up. We can play this game the way the adults do. We can win the long game, so long as we don’t quit after this one round.

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