Trump’s Bullshitzkrieg and how to stop it

Donald Trump’s twitter account is a wreck. It seems like there is one indefensible tweet after another. The statements he makes seem to violate every rule of common sense and logic. His tweets keep coming one after another, each more outrageous than the next, and we are getting so deluged it is hard to keep up and respond to each one.

But what if that is the point?

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Bullshitzkrieg.

Trump’s antics have been described by social media as a DDoS on sanity. Basically, by continuously hitting us with new and increasingly bizarre statements, we don’t have time to properly respond. Instead, we are being put in a consistently reactionary state, which leaves us vulnerable to his manipulation. As part of this manipulation, he not only keeps us from gaining any traction, but he also distracts us from the real issues that scare him.

Remember his tweet about the 3 million illegal votes? Remember how it created a flurry of responses to contradict his claims? What you probably don’t remember is that it happened right after the New York Times published this article about all the potential conflicts of interest with his presidency.


Remember that irate tweet about how the Hamilton cast confronted Mike Pence where Trump demanded an apology? Remember how everyone responded by criticizing his claims that theater needed to be safe? Did you notice that was the same weekend of his Trump University settlement?

Trump will only remain in power so long as we cannot concentrate on and organize around his corruption. He knows this. So he is playing Three Card Monty with our attention, keeping us focused on the jokers on the table when the ace we are looking for was palmed and moved to his pocket. It’s not a very sophisticated strategy, its just an effective one. He is willing to call attention to things that will get him scolded so long as we don’t see the thing that would really get him in trouble. And he knows that all he has to do to distract us is say something guaranteed to piss us off into a reaction.

So, how do we stop the Bullshitzkrieg?

The most effective way would be to just ignore his tweets. Render them worthless by withdrawing their power. Unfortunately, I don’t think it would be possible to do that as he has a few million followers, and it would take too long to get them all to ignore him. Because of this, we need a different strategy: Operation Mjolnir

Named after the favored weapon of a deity who loved to “thrash trolls,” Operation Mjolnir is a coordinated effort to redirect each one of Donald’s tweets back to a scandal he wants to hide. Keep reading the investigative news and learn every dirty secret that gets uncovered. Every time he tweets, drop the hammer on him by asking about the scandal.

“Nice deflection, Donald, but I’d rather hear you comment on the fraud case you just settled.”

“That was proven to be false. How about responding to the Conflicts of interest investigation instead?”

“You can’t pass that law. Now tell us about how you own a stake in the oil company currently trying to destroy tribal land.”

I think you get the picture.

The goal of Operation Mjolnir is to show him that his Bullshitzkriegs will no longer work, and that every time he tries to deflect from the news he does not want us to hear, we will drop the hammer.

UPDATE: Operation Mjolnir has apparently begun as a natural evolution, as one hero has spontaneously called out his tweets


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