Punching Nazis Makes them Stronger

It is very cathartic to want to think that video of Spencer the Nazi getting punched is an effective solution to the problem of the Nazi invasion of American society. It is tempting to fantasize about following in the footsteps of Captain America, Superman, and pretty much every patriotic superhero since the 1940’s or relive some of our favorite scenes from movies and video games and just knock the snot out of them. It seems like common sense that if you hit them hard enough they will learn their lesson and go away.

The problem with those thoughts is that if you are having them, you are thinking like a rational human being who connects cause and effect. In other words, you think that way because you are not a Nazi.

The Nazi mindset can best be described as that of someone with a paranoid personality organization. The fundamental characteristic of the paranoid personality organization is the inability to tolerate the feeling you are “bad” and respond to that by projecting that badness onto others and then trying to destroy the badness outside yourself. Essentially, they use the “I’m not bad, you are bad” defense. This is the reason why the racist is so quick to identify groups that need to be fought against and frame them as some invading force that needs to be dispelled. The Gay agenda, the Vagenda of Manocide, the need for racial purity, equating BLM with cop killing,  and every other paranoid narrative are all a manifestation of this externalized badness. The racist needs to attack them or else he has to face his own inadequacy. As a result of this, rational reasoning and cause and effect are thrown out the window. Citing facts does not work because they are not making their decisions based on reality but rather on their need to escape their inadequacy through projection. Attack them and they won’t think they did something wrong, learn their lesson, and change, because their paranoia prevents them from facing that they could ever be wrong.

When the Nazi was punched, he was given what he wanted. Right now, he is in the news playing the victim, a casualty of the the war he is fighting. But as he is doing that, he is recruiting others by calling for bodyguards. In secret, you better bet he is wearing that punch as a badge of honor to encourage more of his ilk into confrontations. What he is not doing is disappearing from public view or shrinking.

So if arguing won’t work and beating his ass won’t work, what do you do?

Be like Shia LeBeouf

The only way to fight a modern Nazi is to drive them away by activating their sense of badness through the application of shame. They want to believe they are secretly the resistors speaking for the people, the heroes in the shadows. Show them that you refuse to accept them whenever they show, and you challenge their narrative. Don’t argue with them, surround them and shout them down, and they have no recourse but to shrink away in failure. Make them face that badness that they fear so much.

Unless they get pissed off and swing at you, then it is self defense

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