I Need to Ask You to Have Faith

The notion of faith is a difficult topic to bring up in this day and age. Some hold dearly to religious faith, while others question it in all forms. Because of this, I want to put  religious faith aside for this conversation, and talk about a different kind of faith.

The faith in ourselves and each other.

If I were to identify the largest contributor to the  position we are in today, it would be that we chose to hand our faith and power to small groups or singular people over the past few years. Rather than act individually to join our voices to the whole, we surrendered our voice to put faith in the one great leader to do our jobs for us. This is not a criticism of presidents of the past, but rather a criticism of how we grew passive as he did the work for us. This passivity led us to be vulnerable to where we are today.

So now to correct this we have been starting to reclaim our voices. We are marching, writing, letters, making phone calls, etc. But for many of us this reclaiming has not so much been by choice, but rather action taken out of necessity and desperation. Trump pushed our backs to the wall, and so we woke up to push back. And while this new awakening is placing us back in the roles we need to be taking, there is the risk and the temptation that we will retreat to the quick and easy actions again. And rather than solve the problem, the risk is that we will push it down just deep enough so that we can settle back to our passivity and be vulnerable again.

And this is why I need to ask for your faith.

The work needed for us to stay strong in our voices is tedious and tiring, and does not always produce results in the way or at the speed we would want. Without faith in ourselves and each other, the fear of failure sets in. This fear is why many handed over their power in the first place. Those we handed it to offered to take on the fear for us while we hid within our reality shows and lattes. Now that we are confront with the folly of that choice, and have taken up our voices again, but the temptation is there to sacrifice it again for another quick and easy solution so we can hide again.

But what we have forgotten is that there is a value in doing this hard and frightening work. No fear is ever countered by running from it, rather, victory over fear is always found in facing it. And with that victory always comes strength. And as we have seen with the overturning of the Muslim ban, the protection of our national parks, and other victories, when we join together even the most powerful man in the world can be beaten. If we persist, we will be strong, and we will be victorious.

But we will not win every victory, so we have to have faith.

They will test us and push us to the edges of our endurance, so we have to have faith.

They will try to wear us down, so we must have faith.

They will mock us to shame us away, so we must have faith

They will threaten us to try to frighten us off, so we must have faith.

We must have faith in ourselves, faith in each other, and faith in our cause. With that faith we can have the strength to abandon the quick and easy for the real work of value. If we can do that, then we can see this through to the other side, and in that process we will undergo a transformation whose results we cannot yet even fathom.

So I need to ask you to have faith.


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