This blog is meant to serve as a platform to voice the personal views of Dr. Zack. It does not reflect the views of any other organization that Dr. Zack has been or will be affiliated in the past, present, or future.

This blog is heavily moderated. You are allowed to voice dissenting views, so long as your comments follow rules of reason and decency. I do allow debate and argument, but not insult and attack.

This blog does cover a number of psychologically oriented topics and Dr. Zack is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology. However, no statement made by Dr. Zack in a post or in a comment is to be construed as any form of therapy. Therapy is a very complicated process that cannot be done in this medium, and Dr. Zack cannot give you the type of personalized and in depth attention that therapy requires through a blog.

Basically, if you are struggling or suffering, you deserve more than I am capable of giving you through a blog.

If you are seeking help, there are a number of emergency resources that you can access to get the help you need. Here is a basic list of help resources to start if you need them:
Suicide Prevention
Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Suicide Hotlines by State
Rape Survivor support
RAINN Helpline
Safe Horizons (also includes domestic violence support)

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