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You are Missing the Damned Point – A Few Thoughts on Ferguson and the Ferguson Riots

In life, we have the ideal and we have what is. The goal is to move from what is to the ideal. It is true that in a just world, there would be no rioting, no looting, and no destruction. It is true that the wiser man can seek change without violence. However, that is not the point right now.

I see a lot of people trying to criticize the rioters in Ferguson, and I see a lot of people absolving them. I see people calling out the rioters for losing control, and I see people posting pictures to show how the privileged riot with far less provocation.

You all are missing the damned point.

The riots in Ferguson are supposed to be uncomfortable reminders of what happens when you let the system break. They are the tragic result of ignoring problems and sweeping them under the rug until they get to the point of compounding and exploding. They are not supposed to be good, they are not supposed to be absolved, but they are not supposed to be criticized and othered either. They are supposed to leave you feeling bad about it all. They are supposed to be upsetting.

They are supposed to be the consequence that smacks you across the face after you ignored all the gentler warning that this problem is spinning out of control. They are supposed to be the wake-up call that shakes you from your passivity and apathy. They are supposed to let you know what happens when you decide to ignore the problems screaming in your face.

So stop judging, stop pontificating, and stop pointing fingers. Stop burying, stop denying and stop passing the buck.

Start taking the problems that lead to these riots seriously, otherwise, despite your quick words, internet memes, and posted pictures, the problem is going to continue to escalate and increase in violence ans scope.

Stop being witty, stop being clever, and start being meaningful. Don’t passively talk about the problem, actively work on the solution.

Otherwise you are missing the damned point

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