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How to Stump Trump: Send in the Clowns

The Trump Presidential Campaign is frightening for a number of reasons. He’s targeted specific racial and ethnic groups in his rhetoric, he’s made comments encouraging violence at his rallies towards protesters, his treatment of the media at his rallies is causing concern, he asks his followers to swear loyalty oaths, and he has recently started to assemble his own Lion’s guard.

But what is especially frightening about this is that what is emerging in his activities is that he is running as a tactician, not a leader, and there is an important difference there. Being a leader is not just about giving orders, a leader needs to focus on building and sustaining long term structure and stability for its group. A tactician, however, is all about meeting specific goals and objectives that are set before him. The leader needs to focus on long term success, while tacticians only need to focus on achieving the short term goal. The tactician is about winning the battle, the leader is about pulling their people out of the war. Once you understand that difference, the behavior of Donald Trump begins to make a lot more sense. This tactician mentality is visible in his business ventures. When he was asked about his various bankruptcies, Trump justified them stating that he “used the laws to corporate advantage—smart!” High risk ventures, large possible gains, but ready abandonment of long term stability are reflected in a mentality that sees bankruptcy as a smart way to take advantage of legal mechanisms. As a result, he engages in a lot of businesses, that are low risk to him, some succeed, some fail, and then he sells his name and brand on the successes and tries to get you to ignore the failures. And in doing so, he reaches some moneymaking goals and builds a brand he can cash in  on. And this tactician mentality is making its way into the campaign as he makes a lot of attention grabbing statements, doubles down on the ones that gets him the right attention, and ignores and tries to pretend the statements that gets him in trouble don’t exist. In addition, one of his business strategies is to win not by having the best stance, but by identifying the biggest competitor and taking him out, a strategy seen in his debates.

This tactical focus puts the events of the Chicago rally in unique perspective, which some are now saying was planned to happen the way it did. Specifically, here is the related timeline:
1) Protesters have been interrupting Trump rallies
2) Trump makes statements that encourage violence, or at least absolve it towards protesters who interrupt his rallies
3)Trump schedules an event at the University of Illinois, a college that is known to be very politically active and racially diverse, including being active in the Black Lives Matter Movement
4)The Trump Rally at the politically active university is met with political action in the form of a counter protest
5) Trump counters his rally, claiming “Law enforcement” advised him to cancel it due to security concerns. NOTE: CHICAGO PD HAS FLAT OUT DENIED THAT THEY EVER MADE SUCH A STATEMENT TO HIM
6) Trump rally goers who have been encouraged towards violence against protesters who disrupt their event get into some violent interactions with protesters after their event is canceled
7) Trumps use this cancellation and the scuffles to play the victim, attack his biggest competition Bernie Sanders (who had nothing to do with the protest), and justify his forming the Lion’s Guard.

So this is where it is really disturbing. There is a reason why his policies are either very vague or overly simplistic. His campaign is unconcerned with long term leadership because a tactician’s focus is on his immediate goal: getting elected. There is a reason he is willing to say anything that gets him attention and adoration, and why he dismisses criticism: this is the winning Trump business strategy. But this also means he is working the campaign like a chessboard, focusing not on creating a debate over the ideas that will serve the country best, but rather on what traps he can create to give him the winning edge. His goal is not to lead, but to win, and he will use anything to get him that victory, that that is why he is so dangerous.

However, there has been a new strategy offered to work against Trump. To take out a tactician, you need to knock him off his game. You have to find his trigger, the thing that causes him to abandon the strategy that he controls, and put him off balance so instead of leading you into his trap, he is forced to follow you into yours, and Seth Meyers found that trigger.

Donald Trump’s ego cannot handle ridicule. This is the reason Trump had to chase Rubio’s comment insinuating his small penis size. Unlike like his stances on immigration and Muslims that he becomes vague about and will try to avoid, Trump was compelled to respond, his ego could not let that statement go unanswered. So that is where we need to start hammering him. We also need to keep the jokes original and fresh, as he will habituate to repeated jokes, such as comparisons to Cheetos.

Let’s hit him with so much mockery that he is compelled by pure ego to make him reduce his rallies and speeches to constantly responding to the most inane jokes so that the world can see he has nothing policy wise to offer. Let’s use his ego to nullify his strategy. So let’s send in the clowns.

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